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The mikebickle.org library, a ministry of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, comprises a wealth of resources from over 25 years of Mike's teaching ministry and provides access to hundreds of resources in various formats including streaming video, downloadable video, and audio, accompanied by study notes and transcriptions, absolutely free of charge.

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Available for Download

To download any of the following mp3 files, just right-click (Ctrl + Click for OS) on the title of the message and choose "Save File As" from the options menu.

Biblical Foundationn for Night and Day Prayer

Night and Day Prayer According to David is a book in PDF format that traces the biblical development of the House of Prayer from Moses to Revelation and is an apologetic for its last days restoration.

Night And Day Prayer According to David

Class Notes on the Biblical Foundation - PDF form

IHOP Prophetic History 1988, 2002 and 2009

The first published IHOP prophetic history was created in 1988. The Encountering God series was created in 2002 and the Encountering Jesus series - the 10 year anniversary was created in 2009. All series were transcribed and combined in one document along with the notes from the Encountering Jesus series. A table of contents was added to help facilitate study. The combined annotated transcription is offered below followed by the individual sesion MP3 recording and transcrition for each series.

Combined Annotated 1988, 2002 and 2009 transcription

IHOPKC Prophetic History - 1988 Audio & Transcription

IHOPKC Encountering God Series - 2002 Audio & Transcription

IHOPKC 10 Year Anniversary Series - 2009 Audio & Transcription

IHOPKC 10 Year Anniversary Series - 2009 General & Original Handout Notes

R2HOP Key Documents

R2HOP partners with a number of other prayer ministries in the Rockford region

Moravian House of Prayer

Courtside Ministries

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