About Us

The Lord has called us to be a community of believers committed to God, each other, and establishing and maintaining a 24/7 house of prayer in Rockford. We eagerly anticipate the day when 24/7, continuous night and day prayer goes up before throne of God from the heart of this region.

Our Vision

Night and Day Prayer According to David . . . 1 Chr 28:19

Our Mission

R2HOP exists to passionately engage believers in perpetual worship and intercession as described by King David—to foster intimacy, to agree with God as it touches the Rock River Valley and beyond, and to announce the fast approaching final hour of natural history.

Our Hearts

We have fallen desperately in love with Jesus, the bridegroom God. The revelation of His intense, fiery desire for us (Songs 8:5-7) has captured our hearts. His love for weak, immature and broken believers has fascinated us and propelled our hearts into passionate and intimate pursuit of relationship with Him. Lovers will always outdo doers!

Agreement With God

When we agree with who God is, we call this worship; and when we agree with God's purposes, we call this intercession. We proclaim both in song and prayer (1 Chr 16:23-25). David commanded Asaph and his fellow Levites to do this continually (1 Chr 16:1-6).


God has promised to restore "all things David" in the last days (Acts 15:16-18), including David's experience of worship and intercession. David brought the ark of God's presence to Jerusalem and kept it in his tent (II Sam.6:17). He appointed 288 prophetic singers and 4000 musicians to worship and intercede before the Lord continuously— night and day (1 Chr. 23:5, 30; 25:1, 7).

Night and Day

Praying without ceasing is more than having a continual spirit of prayer (1 Thes 5:17). God intends to bring the church back to the reality of night and day worship and intercession as revealed to David (1 Chr 28:19) which he commanded his servants to keep (2 Chr 29:25).

Praying without ceasing is also about a community of believers that manage their lifestyles so that they can come together and engage in 24/7 intercessory worship.

A Joel 2 Generation—the final hour

God told Jeremiah that in the last days He Himself would lead Israel by prayer (Jer 31:9). This is the hour of Joel 2. "Sound the trumpet in Zion", forsake business as usual Christianity and seek the Lord. The "great and terrible" day of the Lord is quickly approaching. It will be a great day. A day of salvation is on its way--signs and wonders deliverance, supernatural provision and an unparalleled harvest. All who call upon the name of Jesus the King will be saved (Joel 2:32).

At the same time, it will also be a terrible day. A day of judgment is on its way—the perfect storm when the rage of Satan, the travail of the earth, the fullness of sin and the judgments of God come together at one time. It is a time to weep, to fast and to cry out to God. Jesus the judge will soon have His day of vengeance (Is 63:1-5). God will sweep away everything that hinders our love for Jesus. The wicked will be lost.

God loves mercy and our participation. He is waiting for the cry of the saints (Is 30:1-19). God will change the focus of our hearts and the way we live our lives today in order to align with His expectations for the fast approaching coronation of His Son, and the establishing of His kingdom on earth (Rev 5:10). A praying church will partner with God-- triggering judgment (Rev 5:8) and great provision (Gen 41:29); and will enable the church to navigate through these intense last days experiences.

Daniel recognized the prophetic time in which he lived, and he fervently gave "attention to the Lord God to seek Him by prayer and supplications, with fasting…" (Daniel 9:3) The Lord gave him insight into the revelations of God because of His lifestyle of petition. We have a night and day God who is waiting to hear from a night and day people Luke 18:1-9.

The lifestyle of prayer and fasting requires considerable adjustment and cannot be accomplished without commitment and dedication. But discipline alone cannot take us to the place God wants to go. Only His love can carry us there. We must position ourselves before the flame that never goes out (Lev. 6:12). Our night and day cry is for the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19) to be released in the Stateline area. We want everything that God has promised for His Son's Kingdom –the "greater works than these" signs and wonders, salvation, deliverance, provision, healing, true unity and love of fellowship, the' final and great harvest' and the sustained enjoyment of the presence of God.

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